50-year-old Nigerian lesbian granted asylum in Britain after 13 years of vessels

Aderonke Apata

Britain has granted asylum to 50-year-old Nigerian activist lesbian after numerous trials, lasting a total of 13 years. About it reports Reuters.

Aderonke Apata was forced into marriage, but soon after the wedding, ran away from their spouse. Then the Syariah court decided that she was guilty of adultery and witchcraft, and sentenced her to death. The Nigerian managed to get back to London, but in Britain it was greeted by a cold reception. Apata has repeatedly applied for asylum, but the British judge each time refused her under the pretext that she only pretends to be a lesbian. Legal experts considered it suspicious that the African woman does not go to LGBT clubs and does not enjoy sexual toys.

A law banning gay marriage was passed by the Nigerian Senate in 2011. In may 2013, it was approved by the lower house of Parliament, and President goodluck Jonathan announced his signing in January 2014.

For same-sex spouses now punishable up to 14 years in prison. In addition, up to ten years of imprisonment threatens for membership in the gay community or the promotion of same-sex relationships. Earlier in the country there was a law prohibiting only same-sex sexual relations.