St. Petersburg bus knocked to death a French tourist

A tourist from France was killed after being run over by bus in St. Petersburg. On Sunday, August 13, according to the Fifth channel.

The incident occurred in the Resort area of the city the night before. According to the information channel, a woman named Maria Bucaro. She was standing right in front of the bus, and departing from the stop the driver didn’t notice her.

The victim received multiple injuries. Doctors diagnosed her with an open fracture of the right femur, closed fracture of the left femur, fracture of the pelvis, blunt abdominal trauma and internal bleeding. The woman was hospitalized in critical condition. Later in the evening she died.

The case was transferred to the Investigative Committee.

The publication of “Nevskie Novosti” reports that the driver of the vehicle was 59-year-old native of Dagestan, which has been repeatedly caught in traffic violations. In particular, he was fined for crossing the railway track when closed barrier.