The UN security carrier after landing the drone on the deck of his

The UN security carrier after landing the drone on the deck of his

In Britain, an Amateur photographer was able to quietly put my quadrocopter DJI Phantom on the deck of the new aircraft carrier of the Navy of Britain. Now the country’s defense Ministry will strengthen measures for the protection of the ship.

The UK Ministry of defence will reconsider the approach to security measures after an Amateur drone quietly sat on the flight deck of the new carrier and the largest British ship “Queen Elizabeth”. It is reported Bi-bi-si.

The incident occurred in Invergordon in the Highlands. One of the photographers group Black Isle Images takes pictures and video of an aircraft carrier as long as he docked in Invergordon last month. One day in July, when the drone once again went to remove the ship, a strong wind picked up, and since the drone has sensors that counteract the accident, he automatically sat on the deck.

“I could take two kilograms of plastid and leave them on the ship for £3 billion”, — joked the photographer who ran the drone.

He wished to remain anonymous. He noted that he was surprised by the ease with which the UAV could land on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Later the man told the guard the shipyard about the incident and transferred the contacts, but no one has contacted.

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Press Secretary of the defense Ministry told the publication that the Agency is concerned about the incident and “very serious” about security of an aircraft carrier. “This incident was brought to police Scotland and the investigation is in full swing, we have strengthened security measures from-for it”, said Bi-bi-si.