The media learned what to do Grushko for the post of Deputy foreign Minister


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Russian permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko for the post of Deputy head of the foreign Ministry will be in charge of relations with the EU, OSCE, NATO and the Council of Europe and the European security and cooperation, replacing Alexei Meshkov, the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing a senior diplomatic sources.

The status of the representative of Russia to NATO, in turn, can be reduced, the newspaper added.

Reports that Grushko will take the position of Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs, appeared in early July. Later, there were reports that Deputy foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov until November will assume the responsibilities of the Russian Ambassador in France.

“Grushko will be appointed Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs in a few months. It is planned that this fall. The Russian foreign Ministry and some embassies will happen reshuffle. They planned and connected with rotation of shots” — the newspaper quoted a diplomatic source.

According to the publication, while not completely resolved, the level at which Moscow will be presented to NATO, the question about the future format of representation — the final decision will depend on the policy of the Alliance.

“Moscow is considering the possibility to lower the level of representation at NATO to chargé d’affaires. There is the option to leave in Brussels chargé d’affaires after Grushko will return to Moscow” , — said the interlocutor of “Izvestia” in the Russian diplomatic circles. Such measures, according to the source, due to the fact that NATO is not configured on a constructive dialogue, but any discussion degenerated into accusations against the Russian side.

This year has seen some personnel changes in the Russian foreign Ministry. In particular, the permanent representative of Russia to the UN appointed Deputy foreign Minister Vasily Nebenzia, changing the Russian Ambassador to the United States, the new Ambassador to Turkey appointed Alexey erkhov.