The media learned about the “delicate” return of Barack Obama into politics

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama is going to return to politics and help to rebuild the Democratic party. On Friday, August 11, reports The Hill.

The sources indicate that the return of Obama on the political scene of the country will be at the most “delicate”. Soon Obama’s advisers will discuss the plan for the return of the former President to work in the party. It is noted that Obama will participate in the restoration of the positions of the Democrats, shaken after the arrival of the Republican Donald trump to power. Specifies that a former President can raise funds for the party.

It is also noted that Obama is still popular among Americans. According to the June Gallup poll, it is positive 63% of the population.

Obama has led the United States from 20 January 2009 to 20 January 2017. Until the election of a President was a Senator from Illinois. He was first elected in November 2008, for a second term re-elected in 2012.