Started shooting the first issue of “Let them talk” with new host

Started shooting the first issue of “Let them talk” with new host

Leading the “First channel” Dmitry Borisov took part in the filming of the essential edition of the program “Let them talk”. About it the correspondent of RBC from the set. Some time the channel could not decide to nominate a lead who can replace Andrey Malakhov.

On Friday, August 11, in the Studio on ulitsa Lizy chaykinoy started shooting the next edition of the TV show, the correspondent of RBC.

“It is essential the program, not the pilot,” confirmed the source of RBC familiar with the course of the shooting program.

At the time of this writing, the representatives of the channel was not available for comment. RBC sent a request on the “First channel”. Neither Borisov nor Malakhov at the time of publication of the material did not respond to calls to RBC.

Earlier “the First channel” has removed three of the pilot episode of the talk show, in which took part leading channel TVK Krasnoyarsk Alexander Pitches and Dmitry Borisov. About it RBC were informed by several sources. The TV station brought the beginning of full shots, as they could not determine the candidacy of the leader.

NewsMalakhov minus: choose the new host of the show “Let them talk”

That Andrey Malakhov will go with the “First channel” on the TV channel “Russia 1” it became known on July 31. According to the source RBC, care associated with conflict inside the team of the talk show “Let them talk”. According to the Russian service Bi-bi-si, the producer Natalia Nikonova, who returned to the program, I wanted to add in the transfer of more political topics.