Ural mushroom sent the bear down

A resident of the village of Sosva (Sverdlovsk region), Alexander Lopakhin managed without a weapon to fend off attacking him in the woods of a bear. On Friday, August 11, told Ura.ru a source in law enforcement bodies.

Date of incident not specified. 44-year-old man went to the forest and near the village of Koshay met a bear and its cub. The animal lunged at the man, presumably to protect her cub. Mrs. Miller have had only a penknife to cut the mushrooms, but the monster knocked it from his hands this weapon. At first the man could not resist, he only covered his head with his hands.

“From despair with his left hand he grabbed the bear by the head, and the right one started hitting her in the face. Having received such a rebuff, stunned, surprise, she already sat and let the mushroom, and then fled,” — said the source publication.

Wandering away from the bear, the man managed to get to the clearing, where he worked the cell phones, and called the villager. He came to fetch him in the car and was taken to the hospital.

“The victim has multiple lacerations to the head and upper extremities, a large laceration of the right hand, right ear. Was bitten off the tip of the nose, but we had it reattached”, — said in the hospital № 1 of the city of Serov. Life-threatening Lopakhin, according to doctors, no.