Lavrov said about a turning point in international relations

Lavrov said about a turning point in international relations

YARDS (Vladimir oblast), Aug 11 — RIA Novosti. In international relations had reached a crucial stage, said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking at the forum “Territory meanings.”

“Right now we’re definitely at a critical juncture in international relations. Leaving the last era, which was characterized by the fact that several centuries of what we call the West dominated international Affairs, and objectively formed what we call a polycentric world order,” — said Lavrov.

According to him, along with those who were the pioneers of the world — Western countries, new economic growth centers and new centers of financial power. “And with all this comes political influence. And these new countries want to defend their interests, including participating in shaping the international agenda, setting its tone, especially in regard to the regions where the corresponding centers of power formed”, — said Lavrov, explaining that we are talking about countries such as China, India, Brazil, and South Africa.

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