Lavrov: military force will not solve the problems of Donbass

VILLAGE COURTS /Vladimir oblast/, August 11. / TASS/. Military force is not able to ensure rights of Donbas residents, it is necessary to force the radicals in Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements. This was stated on Friday, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with participants of the all-Russian youth educational forum “Territory meanings on the Klyazma”.

“It is in our interest to preserve this unique document – the Minsk agreement that really ensure rights of Donbas residents. The alternative is war, I think nobody here wants war with Ukraine. We have to make radicals and neo-Nazis who rule the roost in Ukraine, to get to know his place, to fulfill what they signed… he said. – New bombing, the new fire we cannot solve the problem”.

Lavrov noted that Russia’s goal is to make the Russian-speaking population of Donbass could live peacefully in their native land, and was forced to flee to other countries. “The other way, I do not see” – said Lavrov.

To give the Crimea would be criminal

According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry to give the Crimea in the hands of the Nazis, who committed a coup in Kiev, would be criminal.