Landfill “Kuchino” in the suburbs is half covered with soil

In Balashikha more than half the area of the closed landfill “Kuchino” covered with soil. This was reported “Interfax” in the local administration.

“On the ground daily and imported about 350 machines with the ground. More than half the total area of the landfill is already filled, to complete these works is planned in October,” — noted there.

Member of the suburban Council for human rights Yevgeny Timokhin, said that to control the imported soil on a closed landfill, will add an additional point of ekokontrol. “That was not the acrid smell of the land has satisfied the requirements of future reclamation,” said Timokhin.

On 8 August it was reported unscheduled inspection of the cleanliness of the air near the “Kuchino”, which is not revealed the excess of pollutants. The sample sets for the studies were conducted in the evening and night — at a time when the odors were most noticeable to residents.

On 22 June the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded from the Moscow authorities during the month to close the landfill, which is in the direct line he complained of the inhabitants of Balashikha. Dump, in their opinion, occupied at that time, the area of 50 hectares. On the same day, the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov has ordered to close the landfill.