The government of Buryatia has adopted a number of instructions after Putin’s visit to the region


RIA Novosti

KRASNOYARSK, Aug 7 — RIA Novosti. After the orders of the President Putin during his visit to Buryatia adopted a number of decisions, including about the lack of places in kindergartens, the press service of the regional government.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Buryatia asked the acting head of the Republic Alexei Tzudenova to deal with the inefficiencies of the emergency, to which the people complain, affected by forest fires, and to resolve the issue of illegal foreign workers. He also gave Tsydenova folder with citizens, which was set in a straight line. Citizens, in particular, complained about the lack of places in schools and kindergartens.

“The acting head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov summed up the results of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin gave instructions to ministries and departments to implement the decisions that were taken by the head of state defined the hard deadlines and the Republican officials”, — stated in the message.

In a press-service reported that Tsydenov instructed to urgently contact the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation about allocation of additional means for the decision of problem of deficit of kindergartens and schools. He also noted that the investment agreement with China, must include a clause stating that the investor, creating new jobs, attracts mainly the local population work at the enterprises.

According to local authorities, the situation with forest fires this year was better than in the past. With the beginning of the fire period, the number of detected forest fires in the Republic has dropped to 673 lesions compared with 922 cases in 2016, passed the area decreased by 2.2 times. Residents of the village of Cheryomushki, where in late April burned down 28 buildings, including 20 houses, get restored the home before September 1.

The press service noted that most of the questions, which drew the attention of the President, is in control of the government, but after the visit of the President will be paid more attention.