Rescuers told about the stress stuck in the mouth of the river a whale

Bowhead whale stuck in the mouth of the river in Khabarovsk Krai, located in the state of deep stress and makes no effort to get off the rocks. The radio station “Moscow speaking” on Thursday, August 10, told members of the operation to rescue the animal, the Deputy Director of the national Park “Protected the Amur region” Dmitry Grankin.

“His behavior remains unclear, because if he wants, he could now get out. Keith small, perhaps even a cub. Hope it over night still comes to. He is in deep stress and not able to take any appropriate action,” said Grankin.

He added that the mammal is relaxed and not aggressive. The tail he noticed the bleeding wounds which he received, probably in hitting the bottom.

Meanwhile, the blogger Sergey Dolya, who is at the scene, on the page in LiveJournal wrote that on duty employees of the national Park do not have Keith help and do not let him activists. “We have twilight. It’s getting dark. The water continues to go. Keith is not even twitching. Tired. Just lies there and sometimes a loud “sigh”. Still nobody does anything. Just all sitting on the shore and watch,” said he.

That the bowhead whale is stuck in the mouth of the river flowing from the Big lake on the island of Big Shantar, “Protected the Amur region” reported on 10 August. It noted that state inspectors “are taking measures to hydration of the animal, sent fire fighting pump”.