NBC found out about the plan pre-emptive strike on U.S. missile facilities of the DPRK

The Pentagon has prepared a plan for a preemptive strike on the missile facilities of North Korea, if the US President Donald trump would give such an order, reports NBC News, citing sources.

According to them, the goals are about two dozen North Korean missile parts, test sites and support facilities.

Two high-ranking military officer and two retired senior officer said that the attack will produce heavy bombers B-1B air force base Andersen on GUAM.

A pair of B-1 conducted 11 exercises from the end of may. According to officials, training was accelerated. In real missions, non-nuclear bombers will be supported by satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles, will be accompanied by fighters and tankers and electronic warfare aircraft.

Currently on GUAM, more than three thousand kilometers from the DPRK, located six bombers B-1B Lancer.

Earlier it was reported that the command of the Korean people’s army will conclude in mid-August, work on the plan of a preemptive strike on the Pacific island of GUAM, where the us military bases. It involves the launch of four ballistic missiles of average range “And 12”. According to the plan of the military, they have to fly over the Japanese prefectures of Shimane, Hiroshima and Kochi is about 3.4 thousand kilometers, and then fall into the water in 30-40 kilometers from GUAM.

North Korea threatened to go on “physical actions” in response to the adoption by the UN security Council against new sanctions. Trump said that Washington would respond to Pyongyang’s threats of “fire and fury, which the world has never seen”.

On 5 August the UN security Council adopted a resolution toughening sanctions against Pyongyang. North Korea is prohibited to export coal, iron, lead, and seafood. Accounts of the Bank for foreign trade of the DPRK frozen North Korean vessels that violated UN resolutions, denied entry to the ports of all States.