Bowhead whale stuck in the river in Khabarovsk Krai

Trinadcatiletnie bowhead whale during the night tide stuck in the mouth of the river flowing from the Big lake on the island of Great Shantar in the Khabarovsk territory. This was reported on Thursday, August 10, on the website “Reserve the Amur region”.

The animal found the district inspector. The life of a mammal is under threat, because neither turn around nor out in the lake it can’t. “At low tide, when the whale is dead in the water, the state inspectors operating in island national Park “Shantar Islands” take measures to hydration of the animal, sent fire fighting pump”, — stated in the message.

As reported “Interfax” the head of the scientific Department of the fgbi “Protected the Amur region” Rimma Andronova, whale weighs about 30-40 tons, and to move his forces operating on the ground, 10 people is impossible. “The only hope for the tides, waiting for eight o’clock, when usually comes with a strong tide. Keith should pull a wave in the sea. It would be possible to dig a trench with a tractor, but on the island there is nothing but the hands of the people,” she said.

According to Andronova, at the mouth of the whale can hold up to three days — depending on air temperature, weather conditions and condition of the animal. It is noted that this year the river level is lower than usual and the whale “almost sitting in a puddle”. Supposedly, he got into the river to escape the killer whale.

The bowhead or polar whale inhabits the cold waters of the Northern hemisphere. Animal listed in the Red book of Russia. In total there are about 10 thousand individuals.