Pardoned after SMS about going to Georgia technology will be released August 8

Vladimir Putin

A resident of Sochi Marina Janjgava and Annick Kesyan, convicted of treason and pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin will be released from prison “Lefortovo” on August 8. This was reported to RIA Novosti news Agency the lawyer Ivan Pavlov.

“Tomorrow morning my clients in cases of treason for SMS Annick Kesyan and Marina Janjgava out from “Lefortovo” to freedom,” — said Pavlov.

According to the lawyer, women will give a small press conference for journalists. After that, they immediately fly away home “to recover and restore health.”

Women condemned under article 275 of the criminal code (“Treason”) after they in 2008, sent his friends from Georgia SMS messages with information about moving by rail echelon with military equipment. Pavlov recalled that in 2013, Ganjawala received 12 years of imprisonment, and Kesyan eight years in 2015. Putin pardoned the women on July 29.

Only in cases of treason were held simultaneously three of the inhabitant of Sochi: Janjgava, Kesyan and Inga Tutisani. Latest in 2009 sent a message that in the territorial waters of Abkhazia are the ships of the Russian Navy. July 4, protection of women appealed to the Supreme court to appeal. According to Pavlova, in the sentencing of the courts of the first instance made of a material breach.