Media reported the deaths of five tourists in the earthquake in China

The earthquake of magnitude 6.5 in Sichuan province located in southwest China, killing five people. They are all tourists. On Tuesday, August 8, according to Reuters.

More than 60 people were injured, 30 of them are in serious condition. According to the Agency, despite the fact that the tremors occurred in a tourist area, all victims — citizens of China.

The national Commission for the elimination of emergency situations reports that the victims of the earthquake in China could be hundreds of people, thousands more were injured. It is noted that damaged more than 20 homes, said RIA Novosti.

It is also reported that the hotel in Sichuan province, in which there were about 2 thousand people, partially collapsed, and 500 people were evacuated.

The earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou at 21:19 local time (16:19 MSK).