Deputy Minister of higher education South Africa beat a woman in a nightclub

Deputy Minister of higher education South Africa Muzi Manana (Mduduzi Manana) beat a woman in a nightclub. According to The Independent, the incident occurred in one of the institutions of Johannesburg on Sunday night, August 6.

According to the newspaper, the officer struck the woman after they got into an argument about who should take the post of head of the African national Congress after the resignation of President Jacob Zuma from the post in December. According to the testimony of the journalist Lumko, Dimango (Lumko Jimlongo), having received a blow, the interviewee Manana fell to the floor. “Then (…) his foot was on her head,” says Dimango.

At the same time caught in the media recordings of telephone conversation between Manana and brother of the victim it follows that the officer began to beat the woman after she called him gay. According to TV channel eNews Channel Africa, the brawl also involved the friends Manana, and from their actions affected the three women.

On 7 August the Deputy Minister apologized for his behavior, and this “shameful incident”. He acknowledged that there should be more restrained, even if it is provoked. “I fully obey the law and will cooperate [with the investigation],” he assured Manana.

Meanwhile, as reported by TimesLive on the Awethu site appeared a petition demanding his resignation. The authors of the appeal believe that a simple apology is not enough: his stay in the civil service after the incident undermines the work to combat violence against women.

8 August, it was reported that another woman has accused an official in the application of physical violence. The incident, according to 22-year-old Single Mahalani (Zinhle Mokhohlane), occurred last month, also in places of entertainment.