ALROSA told the details of the evacuation of miners from the mine “Mir” in Yakutia

Most of the miners quickly came to the surface of the mine “Mir” in Yakutia due to the complex emergency alert and selective call (SUBR), which gave the signal of danger before the elaboration of gushing water. It is reported by the owner of the mine “ALROSA”.

4 Aug mine have been a breakthrough of water. In the first hours after the incident were evacuated workers from 142 151. The next day we managed to rescue another miner Alisher Mirzaev, stuck at a depth of 410 meters.

The fate of eight miners is unknown. Currently work out of the rescue team of 60 people. Just search the works involved more than 330 people and over 30 pieces of equipment. They are working on new ways to pass on the signal wells. In their plans — to get to the horizon minus 450 meters.

On Friday afternoon, August 4, mine in peace flooded 270 thousand cubic meter of ground water. The alleged reason could be technological failure storage tank water. In the settlement imposed a state of emergency.

The Mir mine accounts for about 11 percent of the annual production of the company. Landmark production for 2017 is about 39 million carats.