The Ministry of Finance has developed amendments to the law on insurance to protect motorists

The Finance Ministry has drafted new amendments to the law on insurance, which insurers can allow themselves to set lowering the cost of the policy coefficients. On Monday, August 7, writes “Kommersant”.

Drivers offered three options filling policies with limits payments to two million rubles and the opportunity to contract for more than a year.

The insurer shall not be entitled to refuse conclusion of the contract on the chosen option, or to impose an alternative. “Drivers will also be given the opportunity to purchase insurance for more than a year”, — notes the edition. The amount of damages that the insurer will pay for the delay of sending to the customer a reasoned refusal to pay will amount to 200 rubles per day, but total amount not more than 10 thousand rubles.

In may, the Bank of Russia proposed to change the cost of insurance policies for different categories of drivers. Under the initiative, owners of policies “the MultiDrive” (without the inscribed names of the owners of the machines) will increase the cost of insurance in half, and young drivers (22-29 years) policies will cost 55-80 percent more expensive.

In June, the President of the Russian Union of insurers Igor Yurgens said that the CTP insurers by year-end 2017 can receive a loss of 21 billion rubles.

The base rate of CTP, operating from April 2015, is to 3432 4118 rubles. The maximum amount of compensation for harm caused to life and health of victims, reaches 500 thousand rubles for damage to property — 400 thousand rubles.