The head of the German party has proposed that the EU temporarily to deal with the situation around the Crimea


RIA Novosti

Europe needs to improve relations with Russia, and it will have to consider the reunification of the Crimea with Russia as a long-term, said Christian Lindner, leader of the Free democratic party of Germany, which is considered in Germany a “natural” ally of the party of Angela Merkel. He stressed that “the deadlock” in relations with Moscow to ensure “security and prosperity in Europe.” According to Lindner, Europe should give Russia the opportunity to change the policy and save the person, reports TASS with reference to the Funke.

“Talking about taboos: I’m afraid that Crimea should be treated as a long-time state”,

he said, offering to “seal” the situation around the Crimea for the sake of progress “in other areas”. In addition, Lindner believes that the easing of sanctions should be followed for full implementation of the Minsk agreements, and used as a “positive interim success, you also need to appreciate that.” While Lindner priority to relations with the United States and considers it necessary to support countries of Eastern Europe. But in regard to Turkey, he offers to tighten policy, considering that

“there can be no let-up in visa issues.”

He also urged to freeze arms transfers to “end its policy of appeasement”, turning the negotiations with Turkey on accession to the EU. In his opinion, the process of accession to the EU “is more like a zombie.” Now the rating of the FDP, according to the latest polls, hovers around 8-9%. We will remind, in may of last year Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the question of supplies of Crimea is closed completely.