The features of the lunar Eclipse of August 7

A partial Eclipse of the moon will take place on the evening of 7 August from 20:25 to 22:19 Moscow time. It will be available for observation on the territory of Russia, except Chukotka and Kamchatka, according to the website of the Moscow planetarium.

According to astronomers, two hours the Moon will have time to go through the Northern part of the earth’s shadow, absorbed in her South edge of the quarter disk.

Observations of the Eclipse in Moscow will start an hour before the onset of the maximum phase. At 20:00 Moscow time the Moon rise over the South-Eastern horizon, is already fully being in the penumbra of the Earth. Approximately at 20:24 Moscow time will begin the immersion of the satellite into the shadow of the planet.

It is noted that during the Eclipse, the moon will become a Burgundy-red color.