Shevchuk called the recipe of a healthy lifestyle of Russians

Yuri Shevchuk

The leader of group “DDT” Yuri Shevchuk commented on the National news service (NSN) plans of the Russian government’s propaganda among Russians of a healthy lifestyle. In his opinion, the authorities need to teach people to think and to love, not to wean Smoking and drinking.

“This is very important, hence the whole healthy lifestyle… Well, what? We’re grown healthy mindless robots? But to think, to reflect, to have everything any critical assessment of what is happening to further develop the country, so it is very important”, — said the musician.

Shevchuk said that he is concerned about mental health, both Russians officials. “The minds need not be dried, and to do all that intelligence in Russia has really evolved. That is, education, education and again education. And with it we say so, whatever. Less on guns and missiles, more to the universities. And schools. Teachers salaries — this is important,” — said the leader of “DDT”.

August 7 it became known that the government intends to increase the share of adherents of a healthy way of life among Russians up to 50 percent by 2020. According to the document, if in 2017 there are 36 percent of the supporters of healthy lifestyles, by 2025 their share is expected to increase to 60 percent.