Municipal gardens have become less accessible to Russians

Municipal gardens have become less accessible to Russians

Monthly state pre-school institutions increased by 16.5%

According to a study by the Institute of education HSE, decreased the gap between the cost of stay in public and private kindergartens. Now it varies up to five times, in 2014-m to year — seven times. But this does not mean that private gardens have become more accessible: the more expensive the stay in the state preschool. Private kindergartens occupy only 5% of the market. According Ranepa, give to the child can afford only 1% of Russians. 16% of parents do not drive the kids to preschool.

Experts HSE carried out a survey among 1849 parents whose children attend state and private kindergartens. The study showed that in 2016 has survived a significant gap in the fees for the stay of kids in preschool. Monthly cost of supervision and care for children in municipal and private kindergartens differ five times. In 2014 was recorded the difference in price seven times. While the HSE noted that “the discrepancy was not due to the difference in the quality of services.”

— Monthly cost of public kindergartens increased by 16.5% compared to 2015, and in particular decreased by 9.5%, — told “Izvestia” in HSE.