Prisoner the militants of the IG said about the training of terrorists for attacks in Europe

Prisoner the militants of the IG said about the training of terrorists for attacks in Europe

Captured by the Kurdish militia the terrorists from the “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) spoke about being in Syria a secret cell of ISIS, whose members carried out the attacks in Paris and Brussels, and was preparing to attack England. About this newspaper the Times.

According to the captured terrorist cell known as “al-Kharsa”.

Entered into her potential militants-suicide bombers, natives of European countries passed strict training in one of the Syrian camps of terrorists, then went back to Europe. According to the fighter, training in the cell is seven months.

“Every European who crosses the border with Syria, is offered (the opportunity) to join (to “al-Charse”). If 20 people start passing training, only five will finish it. Then they return to Europe and commit terrorist attacks” — the newspaper quoted a Thriller. The natives of this cell responsible for the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

The newspaper also reports that the terrorist in the two years in the IG counted about 50 people from Germany, France, Belgium and Britain, who have successfully completed the training program in a camp of suicide bombers. “They (terrorists) are planning to make more attacks due to the fact that the coalition causes them a lot of punches. They also want to attack in Lebanon,” the newspaper quoted the statement of a prisoner of Islamist.

According to the Belgian Services of processing financial information (CTIF), committed the attacks in Paris and Brussels in 2015 and 2016, received the money as welfare benefits.

In addition, some of the terrorists involved in robberies and drug trafficking. According to CTIF, most of the funds were withdrawn and spent cash on car rental, purchase of drugs and luxury items. Also part of the money was spent on the preparations for the attacks.