Dog and cat handed over to the bailiffs at his master’s debtor

Bailiffs Baganskiy district of Novosibirsk region was twice detained by the debtor with the help of his cats and dogs. About it reports a press-service of regional management FSSP.

The man 1980 year of birth owe about 400 thousand rubles in the form of child support. He lived in a private house with a woman who was unemployed, his Bank accounts had no money. The first time the bailiffs came to him in January of 2017. He hid in the bath, but his dog named Boatswain began to “show activity” near her door, and employees UFSSP found the debtor. The court sentenced him to 80 hours of compulsory work.

After that, the debtor listed the child’s mother is only 23 thousand rubles, and ceased to make payments. In July the bailiffs came again to him on criminal charges of “failure to pay maintenance to the minor children.” At this time, the man hid in a trunk in the attic. Officers drew attention to a cat that “looked closely” at it. “In it, among the pickles and old things and found a citizen,” said the officers.

The man was taken to court, where they familiarized with the indictment. If the debtor is found guilty, he could face up to years imprisonment.

In January, the Ministry of justice has developed a bill providing for the recoverability of a single housing of the debtor. The Ministry said that this measure will affect only those whose housing conditions “clearly exceed” requirements.