The leader of the “Great Fatherland” refused to register for the elections to the state Duma

Nikolai Starikov

Bryansk regional election Committee has refused to the leader of the party “Great Motherland” Nikolay Starikov in registration on elections in the state Duma of the seventh convocation. On Friday, August 4, reports TASS with reference to regional CEC.

“Nikolai Starikov was denied registration as a candidate in deputies of the state Duma on district №77 due to various shortcomings in the signatures submitted in his support,” said the Commission.

Starikov was necessary to provide signatures of voters in support of his nomination as the right to participate in elections without collection of signatures have only the parliamentary parties and political movements, scored in the Duma elections, more than three percent of the vote and having representation in the regional legislatures.

All the other candidates in the elections in single-mandate district No. 77 nominated by parties that meet the criteria, said the Agency.

In the September elections to the state Duma on this district saw the victory of United Russia Vladimir Shutenkov, decided to put the Deputy mandate. It claimed nine candidates. In addition to representatives of parliamentary parties, among them including, in particular, the candidate from the “Communists of Russia” (Sergey Malinkovich), “Apple” (Olga Makhotin), the Russian party of pensioners for justice (Vladimir Vorozhtsov) and the Party of growth (Sergei Gorelov). “United Russia” candidate is not nominated.

Galenkov wrote a statement about refusal of the Deputy mandate on 7 June. His decision, he explained the need to get back to work on them based agricultural enterprise “Willingly”. After that he was offered a position of Advisor to the Chairman of the state Duma Sergei Neverov on agriculture. Galenkov adopted the proposal, noting it would give him the opportunity to continue to defend the interests of the agricultural sector in the lower house of Parliament.