Syria accused the international coalition in the death of 43 residents of Raqqa


Aircraft of the US-led international coalition bombed several residential neighborhoods of Raqqa, according to Syrian state Agency SANA, citing local sources.

As a result of airstrikes killed 43 people, several citizens injured. It is noted that considerable material damage.

Earlier on August 5, Deputy Chairman of the local branch of the Syrian red Crescent society DIN al-Asaad said that the international coalition planes struck a hospital in raqqa. According to al-Asaad, used munitions filled with white phosphorus.

On 4 August it was reported that the Israeli air strike in raqqa caused by planes of the US-led coalition killed a woman and seven children.

May 25, the U.S. military acknowledged the deaths of more than 100 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul in an air RAID, produced in March.

The assault on Raqqa comes from June. The liberation of the city is one of the main goals of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA, the leading military operations against extremists in Iraq and Syria.