In the Krasnoyarsk camp children were photographed in the “pool of blood”

In the Krasnoyarsk camp “Grenada” on the day government children staged a photo shoot in the style of a horror film, pouring one of the girls with the blood-like fluid. On Saturday, 5 August, reported local TV channel TVK.

The staff of the camp published photos in the account in Instagram companies. Members, including parents, leave them negative comments. “What kind of game? Where to watch the camp Director?” — wrote one user. The closed page signed by 740 people.

“This is the day of self-government, children themselves invent a way to make grandici. In this case, quest. Such quests are very popular among teenagers”, — quotes the answer of the workers camp TCEs.

In March 2017, it became known that the student of Perm walked along the edge of the balcony of the 25th floor and posted video in social networks.