“Rosatom” became the leaders of the rating of the effectiveness of government programs

“Rosatom” became the leader among Russian state corporations in ranking the effectiveness of government programs. This is stated in the consolidated annual report on the progress and evaluating the effectiveness of state programs by the end of 2016 published on Thursday, August 3, on the website of the Russian government.

According to the document, a high degree of efficiency, there are six state programs: “Foreign policy” (responsible — Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation), “to Ensure public order and combating crime” (Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation), “Development of physical culture and sport” (Sport), “Justice” (moj), “Development of nuclear power industry complex” (Rosatom) and the “Federal property Management” (Ministry of economic development).

“Rosatom” took first place in the assessment of the effectiveness of the responsible officer (leading position with the atomic Corporation has divided the Ministry of economic development responsible for the state program “Economic development and innovative economy”).

Moreover, “Rosatom” received the highest score for targets among all government programs (in the second place — the state program “energy Efficiency and energy development”, responsible executor is the Ministry of energy, in third place — the state program “Development of pharmaceutical and medical industry” for years 2013-2030 (responsible for it Ministry of industry and trade). The report notes that “the actual values of a large number of indicators of these state programs in 2016 exceeded”.

Rosatom is also among the responsible executors of government programs, the extent to which in 2016 the government is recognized as above average.

According to the report, Rosatom entered into the top three executives responsible for the quality of the cash execution of Federal budget spending (this indicator is almost the same the highest rates have, in addition to programs for Atomenergoprom, the program “Development of shipbuilding and equipment for offshore fields development for 2013-2020” (Ministry of industry) and “Development of science and technology” for 2013-2020 (Ministry of education).