Manufacturer of marijuana bought city in California

Manufacturer of marijuana bought city in California

The company American Green, which is engaged in a legal farming of marijuana, bought a small town in California. The company plans to turn the city into a resort, associated with marijuana use.

City Nipton is a three hour drive from Los Angeles and an hour from Las Vegas. The city was founded in 1905 and has long been a successful mining settlement, but then was empty. In the 1980s geologist Gerald Freeman purchased the town for 200 thousand dollars, and dwelt therein. By 2010 he established in the buildings of the settlement solar panels to make Nipton completely independent from traditional energy sources.

American Green paid the city about $ 5 million and plans to spend another 2.5 million on its development. Purchase includes a store, a hotel, a school building and mineral springs.

First American Green plans to start production of mineral water from sources in Neptune with the addition of marijuana.

In California, a fully legalized the sale and use of marijuana in medical and recreational purposes.