Russian losses in Syria has increased dramatically

In 2017, the forty Russian servicemen were killed in Syria, according to Reuters. According to the Agency, data on the deaths of these people was obtained from their relatives and from officials in the places where they lived.

At the same time, according to Reuters, the defense Ministry official said only about ten victims.

Among the 40 victims were allegedly 21 private specialist military and 17 military. The status of two people to install failed.

Thus, the Agency estimated the death toll in seven months of this year, higher than the Russian losses in Syria for the previous 15 months of operation. Reuters survey, in that time killed at least 36 of the Russians.

The number of military casualties in peacetime is officially a state secret. Russian authorities have not disclosed the total number of losses, but publicize information about some of the deaths of the military, the Agency said. In this case, according to Reuters, in the end, the government “quietly” recognize the part of undeclared losses: the families of the victims get posthumous medals, and the local authorities call them names the school.

Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of military operations in Syria killed 34 Russians. One of the last messages about the death there of a Russian military appeared on 3 may. Then on the official website of the administration of Bratsk has information that Syria killed 24-year-old contractor. In March, there were reports of deaths of nine Russian citizens in Syria, but official information about their death did not arrive.