Putin warned investigators against unreasonable arrest of entrepreneurs

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to avoid the practice of detention of businessmen in which relation law enforcement bodies do not conduct active investigation. The head of state on Thursday, August 3, quoted by RIA Novosti.

“Often, when applying to the court for an extension [of the measure], representatives of the investigation did not show conclusive evidence that the investigation was actually conducted. I think it is absolutely justified, if the lack of action on the conduct of the investigation the citizens under arrest, mean entrepreneurs will be from custody released,” — said Putin at a meeting on the implementation of major investment projects in the far East.

The Supreme court and Prosecutor General’s office should promptly study this issue and, if necessary, to amend the law, the President added.

The legislation, Putin said, provides for a special procedure of application of measures ensuring the investigation against the business. “But law enforcement agencies often avoid this article by bringing cases under other articles, including fraud, and the investigation is very long,” he said.

In addition, the President considers it necessary to prohibit the seizure of servers and hard drives in the conduct of investigative measures in the enterprises. “If the investigators need to copy them to assure them and use them in the course of the investigation. Why create the conditions creating the impossibility of continuation of activity of the enterprise until the impossibility of paying taxes,” — said the President.

Earlier Thursday, Putin arrived in a working visit to Blagoveshchensk. He inspected the construction site of the Amur gas processing plant on the route of the pipeline “Power of Siberia” and started pouring the Foundation for the construction of the complex. After that the President visited the Nizhne-Bureiskaya hydroelectric power station, where he familiarized himself with the preparations for the introduction of it into operation.