McCain has considered that concern trump on sanctions against Russia inappropriate

John McCain

American Senator John McCain believes that the anxiety of the President of the United States Donald trump regarding the law on the introduction of new anti-sanctions “are not surprising, but uncalled for”. On Wednesday, August 2, reports The Hill, citing a statement by the Senator.

“The concerns voiced in his statement, the President in connection with the signing of the law (on sanctions), should hardly surprise you, but it’s inappropriate,” — said in a statement released by McCain.

Earlier Wednesday, the President of the United States Donald trump commented on the signing of the law on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. According to him, the document contains “a number of clearly unconstitutional measures.”

The statement also says that the provisions of the act violates the exclusive constitutional powers of the President in recognizing foreign governments. In addition, Congress gets the opportunity to change the law to bypass the process required by the Constitution. Also on the Executive the obligations imposed, which are contrary spelled out in the basic law the right of the President to determine the time, scope and objectives of international negotiations.

The same day Donald trump signed a law on new anti-Russian sanctions, which the us Senate adopted on 27 July.

A new package of anti-Russian sanctions, in particular, prohibits American companies and individuals to lend to Russian banks for more than 14 days (previously the deadline was 90 days). In addition, the document is limited to the term of financing of Russian oil and gas companies.