Brussels decided to defend against under the pretext of the sanctions policy of the United States

Sigmar Gabriel

The European Union will take measures in the event of Washington under the pretext of the sanctions of industrial policy called “America above all”. This was stated by the foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, the newspaper Rheinische Post.

He noted that Brussels will be protected from such political course pursued by the United States. The head of the German foreign Ministry said, the US President, Donald trump has not made a final decision about toughening anti-Russian sanctions. “According to the law, before that happens, in any case, provided consultations with us, Europeans”, — concluded the diplomat.

July 28 Gabriel said the new us law on sanctions against Russia is unacceptable, as it affects the interests of the European enterprises.

The concern of European countries was the provision according to which the restrictive measures may affect those organizations that are investing in the laying of Russian export pipelines, and to provide for their construction, services, information and support to provide technology.

27 July the us Senate passed a bill on restrictive measures against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The document was approved by 98 senators, two opposed. The draft law sent for signature to President Donald Trump, who warned the White house can veto.

The bill provides for several limitations. In particular, it is proposed to reduce to 14 days the maximum period of funding of banks, which are under sanctions, and 30 days — for oil and gas companies. It is also assumed that the US President may take action against companies who intend to invest in the construction of the export pipeline more than five million dollars per year, or a million at a time. In addition, the document specifically mentions the desire of the United States to oppose construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.