Seven of the most exotic ways to get to work

Seven of the most exotic ways to get to work

What are people not only to get to work or school! Forget about buses, trams and metro and the private car. We have collected the most extreme ways of daily travels.

Did you ever hear that someone said “I love commuting”? Unlikely.

Because this is absolutely incredible: how is it possible to enjoy travel in a stuffy, crowded subway cars, to enjoy the constant delays of commuter trains and the steady, greatly outpacing inflation increase in the prices of the tickets?

But if you think that your way to work or school too long and difficult, you will need experience of a few enterprising people.

Every morning, Benjamin David, living near Munich, neatly pack my laptop, suit and shoes in a waterproof bag, walks into the water and is calm, relaxed and having fun floating down the river ISAR to their office.

The traffic is so congested that it is no joy does not deliver. River rafting not only faster, but also much nicer.Benjamin David

Fast, relaxed and highly unusual — all this can not be said about the Packed passengers on the morning commuter train.

Benjamin is not the only one who gets to work in this unusual way.

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Welshman Paul Cox decided his daily 15-mile journey to work to be done on paraplanes with the motor.