“Gang GTA” attacked court

“Gang GTA” attacked court

Today the defendants in the case of the “gang GTA” in the building of the Moscow regional court attacked the bailiffs and guards and tried to escape. As a result, three police officers were injured, according to preliminary data, three attackers were shot dead by guards.


About the shooting in the Moscow regional court it became known about two o’clock. First, the head of the press service of the court Natalia Osipova said that the building is evacuated, all meetings interrupted. It soon became clear and the cause. In court today continued the trial of nine people from the Central Asian republics, which, according to the investigative Committee, 2012-2014 attacked drivers of cars in the Kaluga region and the Moscow region. The victims were 17 people, two victims managed to survive.

In total on business pass nine persons. Apparently realizing that to avoid a sentence they will not succeed, five of them decided to flee. In the service Elevator one of the defendants attacked the guard and started choking him. To the aid of the accomplice rushed, and others. They managed to take the guards weapons and to break free from the handcuffs. One of the guards was beaten so severely that it later had to be hospitalized and placed in intensive care.