Four members of the “gang GTA” was killed in a shootout in the Moscow regional court

Four members of the “gang GTA” was killed in a shootout in the Moscow regional court

Moscow regional gunfire at the meeting in the case of the “gang GTA”. According to various sources, killed four of the accused. Among the wounded guard and bailiff.


During a shootout in the Moscow regional court, which previously wrote RBC, were killed several members of the “gang GTA”.

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“RIA Novosti” with reference to the lawyer of the defendants, reports that killed four members of the gang. Lawyer Diana Tarasova also told Reuters that killed four defendants.

The convict seized the Moscow regional court, is shooting. #moskovskyavenue#capture#Moscow

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TASS, citing a source, reports that killed three accused, two more disarmed.

Informed source of “Interfax” also said that the shootout involved five offenders. They attacked the convoy with firearms, but, according to preliminary data, all were neutralized. The Agency did not specify whether some of them killed.

The source of RBC in the Ministry of interior confirmed the death of gang members in the shootout, but could not identify their exact number. As said the interlocutor of RBC, “they attacked the convoy, tried to take away weapons.”

In the regional Ministry of health, RBC announced that when the shooting injured two people. They are delivered in Krasnogorskiy the hospital room 1. Among the victims are female 40 and male 40-45. While the Ministry has tochili that the victims received injuries, gunshot wounds they have. Their condition is estimated as average weight.

Source TASS also said that two people were hospitalized, but among the victims are another person.

The life of court staff out of danger, said the press Secretary of the court Natalia Osipova. “The evacuation lasted about an hour, after which all visitors and employees were returned to the court,” she said.

First about the shooting in the Moscow regional court has informed the edition “MK”. One of the accused tried to attack the convoy in the Elevator, wrote the publication.

Subsequently, attorney Sophia Rabaska, citing witnesses, told the agencies that he was “injured female police officer” and “another man”. She said that it could be heard at least 20 shots. According to her, the gunshots, the men took a gun from one of the guards.

The building was evacuated all the people. Tuesday, August 1, the Moscow regional court held a hearing on the case of the “gang GTA”, which all of the defendants partially admitted his guilt, reports RAPSI.

Only in the dock on this day there were nine people: Hasraton Dodohonov, Holick of Subhonov, Anwar Lugardo, Fazlitdin Khasanov, Cherasco Kodirov, Mirzakalon Mirzosharipov, Abdumalik of Mamadjonov, Umar Khasanov and Zafarjon Gulyamov.

“Gang GTA” in March 2012 created Ibadulla of Subhonov. The members of the gang attacked a predominantly car owners in the Moscow region, setting up their ambush on the highways, such as laying road spikes. When the car stopped, they rasstrelli the driver and passengers. Ex-official representative SK Vladimir Markin following the results of investigation stated that gang members were pursuing a “selfish goals”.

The members of the gang are accused of 17 murders from 2012 to 2014.

In the media for a gang called “gang GTA”, which refers to the eponymous computer game Grand Theft Auto. “No relation to the game they had,” said Markin, announcing the completion of the investigation.