Called the condition for the birth of a new life in the Solar system

Called the condition for the birth of a new life in the Solar system

Chinese astrophysicists came to the conclusion that life can appear on celestial bodies only in that case, if the latter are geologically active.

Otherwise, planets and satellites covered with water ice, you can lose all the water necessary for the development of organisms. Article researchers published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

It was believed that objects such as Enceladus (Saturn’s moon) and Europa (moon of Jupiter), in the distant future may become suitable for life. The icy shell of these bodies will melt due to the gradual warming of the Sun, which will occur the vast seas and oceans. The temperature of the star will shift the habitable zone to the gas giants, which will make possible the emergence of the first unicellular organisms.

Scientists have created a model of the evolution of the climate on the icy bodies. They found that the energy required for melting large amounts of ice, will also lead to the evaporation of water, which will make the Enceladus and Europe is like a lifeless Mars or Venus. To avoid this, you must have volcanic processes in which there is a saturation of the atmosphere of greenhouse gases. The latter could contribute to the mild heating of the satellites and stabilize the climate.