Russia’s envoy to NATO announced about the reduction of anti-Russian charge in the Alliance

Alexander Grushko

The permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko said that anti-Russian charge in the countries of the NATO is losing its strength. The diplomat told on Monday, July 31, the TV channel “Russia 24”, reports RIA Novosti.

“Russophobia resources are also exhausted,” — said the diplomat.

The permanent representative recalled the attack on Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Libya, which was also attended by NATO countries.

“All this led to the fact that society in Western Europe, tired of all these big operations, and NATO has demonstrated its ability to counter new threats and risks such as migration, terrorism, organized crime,” — said the Ambassador.

He also stressed that “one of the General secretaries, who headed this organization in the last 10 years, directly admitted that if it were not for the Ukrainian crisis, it would have to come up with.” Grushko added that to date, there is no reason to doubt that NATO will continue to follow this line.

The Russian permanent representative said that he knew nothing about a possible reduction in the level of the Russian representative to NATO.

“I’m not going to comment on it. You can see that I am in Brussels,” — he concluded.