After contracti Russians were more likely to deny visas to USA

Russian citizens were more likely to refuse U.S. visas after Russia’s response sanctions bill the United States. It is reported by The New York Times.

“It’s never happened before: daily refuse 50-60 applicants, mostly young women,” — said the publication of Shavkat Butaev, an employee of the company, which helps Russian citizens to obtain the right to enter the United States.

Materials on теме00:01 — 19 Junethe Law, comfortable in all otnosheniy package of sanctions is necessary for the USA to put pressure not only on Russia but also on Europe

The paper argues that the requirement of Russia to reduce diplomatic staff of the United States in Russia is reminiscent of a similar decision taken by the Soviet authorities in 1986. While Moscow has demanded from Washington to lay off 261 employees, the result of which the Embassy had been almost no secretaries, chauffeurs, and other employees of the service sector.

“I told those who worked there at the time. Described as destructive” — shared with the publication of one of the employees of the diplomatic mission.

On 27 July, the US Senate adopted the law on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, after which the document was sent for signature to the head of state Donald Trump. The day before the White house said it strongly supported the sanctions policy against Moscow.

The next day, the Russian foreign Ministry has offered up to September 1 to reduce to 455 people total number of staff employed in diplomatic missions of the United States in Russia. In addition, from 1 August the staff of the American Embassy in Moscow forbidden to use the dacha in Serebryany Bor, as well as warehouses on Road street in the capital. “In the case of a new unilateral actions of the us authorities to reduce the number of our diplomats in the U.S. this will be followed by a mirror response,” — said in a statement the Russian foreign Ministry.