Putin signed a law banning anonymizers

Putin signed a law banning anonymizers

Now in Russia will not be able to use technology to access the sites blocked by Roskomnadzor.

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. President Vladimir Putin signed a law that prohibits the use of access technologies in Russia blocked sites (so-called anonymizers). Document published on the portal of legal information.

The draft law was presented in early June by deputies of three factions: the Maxim Kudryavtsev (EP), Nicholas Rijekom (SR) and Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF). The authors of the law state that there was no statutory prohibition to use technology to access blocked in Russia information resources.

The law establishes a ban on the use of information systems and programs to gain access to Internet resources access to which in Russia is limited.

However, it is proposed to provide access to these networks and programs to the information resources of Roskomnadzor, containing data on sites to which access is restricted.