The new Director of the White house communications swore at colleagues

Anthony’s Scaramucci

The new Director of the White house communications Anthony of Scaramucci impartially said about the chief of staff of the Raines Primose because of the suspicion of information leaks. On Thursday, July 27, writes The New Yorker.

Indicates that Scaramucci called the journalist of The New Yorker Ryan Lisa and asked where he got information about a private dinner with US President Donald trump. Lissa refused to disclose their sources, then Scaramucci suggested that they were the head of the administration trump Raines Pribus.

“Raines Primus — fucking paranoid schizophrenic,” said Scaramucci and promised that in a short time will send him into retirement.

Scaramucci stated that trump’s assistant Stephen Bannon wants to build a career due to the proximity to the President.

Later Scaramucci commented on the publication of The New Yorker on Twitter.

“I sometimes use profanity. I’ll hold back in this, but will not leave a passionate struggle for the agenda of Donald trump” — he wrote.