Roskomnadzor said the number of locked resources with illegal information

Roskomnadzor during the five years of the act’s restriction of access to sites with illegal information was blocked about 275 thousand resources with similar data. On Friday, July 28, reports TASS with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

It is noted that more than 97 thousand sites were entered in the register due to court decisions on the recognition of information as prohibited for dissemination in Russia.

More than 70 thousand pages Roskomnadzor blocked for propaganda of drugs. More than 43 thousand resources have been blocked because of illegal organization and conduct of online gambling and lotteries.

Because child pornography has been denied access to more than 38 thousands of Internet pages. Specialny content became the reason for blocking about 25 thousand resources.

Roskomnadzor noted that during this same time from the registry were excluded more than 178 thousand Internet pages after they were removed prohibited information. This was achieved through the active interaction with social networks, said the Agency.

It is also indicated that a significant portion of prohibited information distributed in social networks, where five was blocked by about 60 thousand pages or materials. 48 thousand of such resources was blocked “Vkontakte”. In Facebook Roskomnadzor has blocked about 630 pages.