The Arab coalition was shot down flying to Mecca Yemeni missile

A rocket fired from the territory of Yemen, was shot down by forces of the Arab military coalition near Mecca (Saudi Arabia). On Friday, July 28, according to Yahoo News, citing AFP.

As the representatives of the coalition ballistic missile intercepted the night before 69 kilometers from the main center of pilgrimage for Muslims. The incident was considered “a desperate attempt by rebels housetop to prevent the celebration of Hajj.”

In addition, the coalition noted that the launch once again confirms that in the Yemeni port of Hodeidah in the Red sea continuing illegal trade of weapons and missiles to be smuggled into the hands of the rebels.

In Yemen for several years of civil war. One of the warring parties are the military wing of the Houthis, the Shiite movement “Ansar Allah” and those loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh of the army, the other troops expelled their Sunni President Abd-rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Saudi-led coalition. In March 2015, she launched a military campaign against the rebels with the aim of returning to power Hadi.

The Hajj — the Holy Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. He is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. Every Muslim is required to make it at least once in your life. Saudi Arabia gives each individual country quotas on the number of pilgrims.