Escaped after the accident on the Volokolamsk highway the driver was declared wanted

Smirnov Andrey M.

The alleged culprit on the Volokolamsk highway in Moscow, escaped from the scene after the accident on July 25, declared the Federal wanted list. About it reports on Friday, July 28, GU MVD of Russia in the capital.

Acting head of Department on public relations of a Central Board Yuri Titov noted that the investigator “declared the Federal wanted list Smirnov, Andrew M., born in 1984”.

July 26, the police identified the escaped from the scene of the accident the driver, while officially his name is not reported. According the suspect — the son of a 67-year-old Mikhail Smirnov, the former President of MTS and MGTS.

A day earlier it became known about excitation of criminal case. The investigation is underway under article 264 (“Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles”).

The driver of a Mercedes S500 before the crash gave “checkers”, reconstructed at a high speed between the rows. Then the car went into the oncoming lane and crashed into the Skoda and Fiat, which dropped to the Mercedes bus. The car of the culprit caught fire. Four injured in crash with fractures, bruises and brain concussion was hospitalized.

The witnesses released a video with the accident scene.