The head of the Ministry of construction of Moscow region was found defrauded real estate investors

The head of the Ministry of construction complex of Moscow region Sergey Pakhomov held a series of meetings with defrauded real estate investors. On Monday, July 24, reported on the website of the regional government.

“Representatives of initiative groups of each facility, the Minister explained in detail the working mechanisms of the current situations and gave instructions to the heads of administrations [suburban municipalities and developers to hold meetings for a more detailed elaboration of the planned actions”, — stated in the message. It is specified that the meeting was attended by shareholders at least eight problematic sites.

The Minister also urged the municipal authorities regularly hold meetings with the affected citizens with property developers to build constructive dialogue.

On 21 July the state Duma adopted in the third reading the law on compensation Fund holders. The amount of mandatory contributions of developers to the Fund will be set at 1.2 percent of the value of the contract equity participation. The law restricts the developer to carry out transactions not related to the implementation of the housing project. In addition, the document establishes the principle of “one company — one building permit”.

Earlier this month it was reported that the authorities of the Moscow region in 2013 attracted from non-budgetary sources of about 52 billion roubles for the decision of problems of the deceived shareholders.