The girl prevented to smuggle into the camp vodka, brandy and the sex amphetamine

The girl, who was traveling on a train from Murmansk to the camp in Samara region, was accused of stealing gold rings from accompanying. About it said Alla Nechesova, head of Department on Affairs of minors the Middle of the linear Department of the MIA of Russia on transport.

During the inspection of belongings of the teenager, police also found alcohol and amphetamine. “In a suitcase girl found a few bottles of vodka and cognac. Their presence, the girl explained that they were going to celebrate in the camp of his birthday. According to her, a holiday without booze is not a holiday,” said Nechesova. She added that the drugs 14-year-old girl explained that “it to her as payment gave a man, whom she provided sexual services”.

The incident occurred in the night of Saturday, July 22. A police spokesman said that the police will check all information. Drugs sent for examination.

On the fact of theft of jewelry and storage of drugs are prosecuted.

The chief of Department on Affairs of minors has told that the girl only brings her mother. “She bought an e-ticket home. She is now in Samara under the protection. In the evening she goes home, accompanied by police officers,” — said Nechesova.