After the statements about the sanctions Poroshenko called the manufacturer of the noise

Petro Poroshenko

A member of the Federation Council Andrei Klimov commented on RT the statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the strengthening of sanctions against Russia.

According to the Senator, the Ukrainian leader is committed to “making noise and misinformation”. “Exactly Mr. Poroshenko actually unleashed a civil war against his own people with heavy artillery. Minsk agreement are not met by 99 percent because of the position of Kiev”, — said Klimov.

He believes that to explain his inaction to the sponsors Poroshenko can’t, so “howling calling the ceasefire”. “Let his officers give a command, give the command to withdraw heavy weapons, to disarm nationalist groups. If the Ukrainian state is sovereign, they are able to do it without any of the Normandy format”, — he said.

Klimov also said that the sanctions for Kiev became a very convenient cover for all sorts of “speculation and illegal actions.”

Earlier on Sunday, July 23, Poroshenko said that during a telephone conversation with the leaders of “Norman Quartet” will require “immediate provision of the mode of silence.” “In the case of non — strengthening of sanctions against Russia in accordance with the recent decision of the G7 summit”, — said the President.

Conversation leaders “channel four” (France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine) will take place on July 24.

Regarding the Moscow sanctions imposed, in particular, by Ukraine, the EU and the USA. This lifting of the restrictive measures linked to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, adopted to resolve the situation in the Donbass and the return of the Crimea. Russia, in turn, insists that is not a party to the Ukrainian conflict, and the Peninsula entered into its composition in accordance with the norms of international law.

An armed confrontation between the militias and the Ukrainian security forces in the South-East of the country lasts from April 2014. Since the parties repeatedly agreed to the truce, but the ceasefire is regularly broken.