Runaway bison will try to return to the reserve with the help of pipes and feed

In the Moscow region Prioksko-Terrasny nature reserve waiting for the return of escaped bison 12, reported “Interfax” the Deputy Director of reserve Irina Zemlyanko.

“Lay down beside the kennel, while no movement. They two rivers crossed, and the latter a small lake is left. And now they lie about it, they love it there. Felt freedom,” she said.

The animals move slowly in the direction of the nursery in their old tracks. Trying to attract them, scattering the feed and playing on a special pipe.

Bison escaped more than a week ago after falling from hurricane gusts of wind, the trees, demolished a large section of the fence. Animals could not find even attracted to search for sport aircraft.

Prioksko-Terrasny state reserve named Michael zablocki is located eight kilometers from Serpukhov in the Moscow region on the left Bank of the Oka river. This is one of the smallest reserves in the country. In the area of 5 thousand hectares inhabited by 57 species of wild mammals. The main attraction here is the bison, wild bull, considered to be the largest ungulate animal of Europe and a contemporary of the mammoth.