Alias KGB and favorite judo techniques: Putin answered students ‘ questions

Alias KGB and favorite judo techniques: Putin answered students ‘ questions

The President told the students of the educational center “Sirius” about whether his accounts in social networks, what he will do after leaving office and how many times have tightened, when involved in sports.

MOSCOW, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with students of the educational center “Sirius” and answered their questions. Students interested in the most significant events in the life of the President, does he have accounts in social networks and what he will do after leaving his post.

A momentous event and memories of childhood

One of the students asked what event had the greatest impact on the lives of Putin.

Perhaps it was not such that time — and changed my life, I was, but… Now I try to say seriously. Still, probably, the collapse of the Soviet Union.Mr Putinprime of the Russian Federation

According to Putin, the main values — life, love and freedom. He noted that about each of these concepts, we can think infinitely and to write entire treatises.

The President also talked about vivid memories of his childhood.

“Much of the time I was growing up on the street, in the yard, in the center of Leningrad. One of such vivid impressions, which is still preserved is, shall we say, my inappropriate behavior towards another person and its a sharp rebuff to my inappropriate behavior,” the President added.

According to him, in childhood such incidents are repeated and taught to respect other people.

When the President began to engage in sports, vivid impressions were already associated with sports. He told me how the competition in a fight with a rival “gave all” and is proud to have been able to do it.

One of the girls asked Mr Putin whether he indulged in childhood.

“Of course, all the time. What you want” — with a smile he replied.

Five thousand Putins

The President also admitted that he has no account in social networks.

“A hard day’s work ends so late that I have no time for Instagram. I think, how would I quickly to the bed to get to bed. So honestly, the employees of my office, the administration, of course, very actively use the Internet in all its guises, but I personally do not use it physically,” — said Putin.

The President noted that he knows of the large number of accounts in his name, there are about five thousand.

That there write my name, it’s not me. I hope that nothing bad they don’t write, but anyway it’s not me.Vladimir Putin

“Nickname” KGB

The President also said that during his study in intelligence used the alias “Platov”, as some of the work suggested “a conspiracy”. In ordinary life, in his opinion, the man is hiding nothing.